Our Services

We have the proficiency and resources to support the following service:

Mechanical engineering services

Mechanical construction works.
Piping fabrication and bending.
Maintenance assistance.
Pump rotation.
Revamping and reverse engineering.
Vibration monitoring systems.
Oil purification.
Steel fabrication.
Costume machining.

Electrical engineering services

Transformer repair and services.
Electrical maintenance.
Electrical motor repairs.
Generator and UPS solutions.
Fitment of LED light.

Air conditioning services

Air conditioning installation.
Air conditioning repairs.
Refrigeration services.
Emergency breakdown repairs.
Ducting air conditioning.
Air conditioning services and maintenance.

Fabritech engineering also supply:


Pumps, valves, gearboxes, compressors, flanges, piping, shaft, bearing, bearing protectors, PVC fittings, mechanical seals, gland parking, filters, lubricants, pneumatic equipment, tubes and various steel.


Electrical motors, cables and connectors, relays, terminals, level control, circuit breakers, fuses, motor control, capacitors, lighting, power supplies, transformers, UPS and wiring accessories.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning units, rotary compressor, copper tubing, aluminium tubing, capacitors, brass fittings, armaflex, brackets, trunking and refrigerant